August 9, 2017

“You don’t really ever get a chance to turn it off…. You always need to be energetic and always need to be alert and aware, and you basically have to understand for a while that you gotta sign up for wearing all the hats and doing all the things.”

I was fortunate to sit down with the kind folks at Bullet Music last month.  They reached out in June and asked me if they could showcase me as a feature in their “Artist of the Month” spotlight… which included an interview and photoshoot (among other insightful events) for their local publication.  As I’ve been told, over and over, all content is good content… and more people wanna know you as a human rather than a well manicured, bearded, screaming, forrest creature that they see on stage.  I’d also checked out their previous interview with Blair Crimmins, so naturally I accepted the invitation to be interviewed.  But the Bullet Music team showed up with purpose, integrity, focus, and persistence.  See what they were curious to know, and what I had to say here in the full interview (which includes the full audio / video along with pictures and insight).