November 12, 2015

What’s up everybody!!!

For the past few months, I’ve been grinding away and truly focusing on getting this project over the hump it’s currently struggling to overcome. I’ve been extremely focused on the business end of the project, and good things are coming…I promise!

In the past few months we’ve developed some new partnerships including support from Kennesaw State University’s Music and Entertainment Business Program. Very soon, I should at least have some of the work they’ve been putting in on my behalf. From there, it is my hope that we venture into more business partnerships that enable us with the support that we need.

OK…enough business talk! I’ve been buried in this stuff…if you couldn’t tell.

Some exciting news, includes another release from our good friends down in Bonita Springs, FL, the Sugarshack Sessions. They do amazing work down there, and we’re excited about our third release from them. This tune, “Meet Me In The Garden,” is one that I wrote from inspiration of an encounter that happened at one of my favorite venues in South Florida, Terra Fermata. This past May of 2015, we toured with Beauregard and the DownRight. I had the song written musically, I had the chorus written, and I even had a verse. I thought it would be a great idea to feature Beauregard on a verse, and I’m stoked about the way it turned out!

Hope you guys enjoy! Make sure you’re checking in on the tour calendar because we want and need to see you!

“Meet Me In The Garden” —