December 12, 2014

Crane finds himself in good company, once again.  Jailhouse Brewing Company of Hampton, GA has decided to show their love and support of local music by funding the release of their first annual compilation album.  The official title for the compilation is “Jailhouse Brewing Co Presents Locally Grown, 2014.”

The album features 9 local artists from in and around the Atlanta area.  The tracks range genres from country, to rock, pop, and r&b.  Connor Christian and Southern Gothic start the album off nicely with their hit, “When I’m Gone,” but then the album goes on to feature Radiolucent, Ben Deignan, Crane, and many more.  You can find the complete listing of artists in the images below.

image2 image1


We’re flattered and honored to be a part of the 2014 compilation.  You can pick up a copy at a show of any of the featured artists on the compilation.  We appreciate your support.